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l  Wifi supported


l  Temperature: -20~100℃
l  Humidity: 0%RH~99%RH
l  PM2.5: 0~500ug/m3
l  CO2: 0~5000ppm
l  VOC: 1~5 level
l  PIR: 0 or 1 Detection angle up to 120°
l  Illumination: 0~40000Lux
l  Noise: 30dB~100dB
l  Smoke: 0 or 1
l  Power Supply: DC12V
l  Self-dissipation:<3W
l  Work environment:-20~+60℃ <99%RH (Non-condensation)
l  Dimension: 110* 110*32mm
l  Hole Pitch: 60mm or 82m
l  Housing: Tempered glass+ PC Alloy
l  Installation: Wall-mounted (Vertical)

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