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AQARA Camera Hub G2H

Brand: Aqara
Qty: Tellimisel (täpsustage tarne aega info@indome.ee)
95,94 €
The Aqara Camera Hub G2H is both a security camera, with a 1080P FullHD resolution, and a smart home hub. 32 smart devices can be connected via the Zigbee protocol. The Camera Hub G2H can be used with Apple HomeKit, so you can easily operate your Zigbee devices via your Apple device. The images from the camera can be integrated with HomeKit Secure Video (iCloud subscription required). With the built-in microphone and speaker, 2-way communication is also possible. The Hub can also be operated and automated via the Aqara Home app. This version is the official European version that is CE approved. In addition to a piece of security, this also ensures that if you want to connect the G2H Hub to the servers of Xiaomi, this will happen with the European servers and not those in China.