Doorbird D21DKH

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Product Overview: FIBARO Intercom (FGIC-001) is a smart device which can show you everyone who has arrived at your doorstep with a 180-degree high-definition view and night vision. This modern-looking, high-gloss gatekeeper can be placed near the front door or gate to look after your safety. The Intercom allows to control two gates, which might be opened using assigned PIN codes on rotating ring, holding up a phone towards the device or using dedicated app to do it remotely. The recordings can be stored on a SD card.
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Protective-Hood for D2101V video door stations, Stainless Steel V2A, brushed, for in use with surface mounting housing
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R20K on Akuvoxi kõige väiksem klaviatuuriga mudel. Seade võimaldab lisaks RFID kaartidele kasutada ka PIN koode ukse või värava avamiseks.
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The security that comes with being able to control who comes into your building along
with the ability to verbally and visually confirm their identity is immeasurable. Akuvox’s
smart Video Doorphone E10R enables you to easily monitor an entrance door or gate
and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your facility is more secure.
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