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Power supply Battery and/or power supply unit
Battery type ER14250 ½AA 3.6V (included)
Supply unit type 5–24V DC SELV power supply, LPS or NEC class 2 (not included)
Battery life est. 2 years (with default settings and max. 10 pushes per day)
Operating temperature 0–40°C
Ambient humidity 0–90% RH without condensation
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.5°C
Radio protocol Z-Wave (700 series chip)
Radio frequency band 868.0–868.6MHz; 869.7–870.0MHz
Max. transmitting power +13dBm
Range up to 50m outdoors
up to 40m indoors
(depending on terrain and building structure)
(Height x Width x Depth)
86 x 86 x 20 mm
Compliance with EU directives RoHS 2011/65/EU
RoHS 2015/863
RED 2014/53/EU