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Fibaro Starter Kit

Unit: set
Qty: Tellimisel (täpsustage tarne aega info@indome.ee)
499,00 €

FIBARO Starter Kit is all you need to begin a smarter way of living. Check the endless possibilities of customization, adjust preferences and take care of your loved ones in a completely new way. Starter Kit will help you to save time and money. All of this and more with remote access to your home from any place in the world!
Starter Kit is a set of FIBARO devices, which will allow you to implement basic functionalities of FIBARO home automation system. Installation is fast and easy, it does not require any changes to the structure of the building. The devices are ready to use in just a few minutes and they enrich any space with their unique, organic design.

Set contains: 
1pcs Home Center Lite,
1pcs Flood Sensor,
1 pcs Motion Sensor,
1pcs Smoke Sensor 2,
1pcs Door Window Sensor FGK-101,
1pcs Wall Plug F (Schuko).