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       l   Applied to control water heating systemlike: wall mounted boiler, water valve/pump, under floor pipes, radiator systems,   

                 etc; and electrical system like: heating cable, electro-thermal film,heating actuator, electrical globe valve etc.

l  Tempered glass panel with capacitive buttons

l  Programmable schedule: 4 events each day of 7 days; 5+2; 5+1+1

l  Operation: Manual,  Auto (Time periods),  Holiday (Energy saving)

l  With two temperature sensors for control

Internal Temp. Sensor: NTC 15K

External Temp. Sensor(optional): NTC  R25=15KΩ  B25/50=3550K

l  Working Environment0-50;  <90% RHNon-condensation)

l  Built-in Z-Wave module (EU/US); Optional: RS485, WIFI

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