Varta CR2450

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Sobib Fibaro puldile/ võtmehoidjale.
Mahtuvus 610mAh
Pinge (V) 3V
Kõrgus (mm) 5
Diameeter (mm) 24
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Enables any IR appliance (TV, DVD or audio) to be controlled via your Wi-Fi network.

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Tooteinfo "Eutonomy - euFIX S223 DIN adapter (nupuga)"
EuFIXi adapterid teevad Smart Home'i professionaalsemaks.

Kasutades seda professionaalset lahendust, on teil võimalik paigaldada FIBARO modulid DIN-rööpaga TH35 ja peita need nutikalt elektrikilpide või kaitsmekarbi sees. Teil on valida kahe versiooni vahel: nupuga või ilma.

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The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-ASCII gateway allows a complete and natural integration of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Domestic Air Conditioner units into IP based Home Automation Sytems.
The gateway is wired directly to an indoor unit. This allows not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint…but the monitoring of errors and alarms.
The Intesis WiFi gateways have been specifically designed to be the best AC integration solution for Home Automation Systems. Communications are based on a simple ASCII protocol that can be easily implemented, in the form of a driver, into Home Controllers or Smart Hubs. With drivers already available from many Home Automation platforms on the market, Air Conditioning units can be easily integrated and controlled.
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