Pirita tee 26b apartment houses.
Our smarthome system controls heating, ventilation and cooling in every apartment. Nice integrations with Komfovent system and Mitsubishi cooling devices are controlled with smart tablet. Every apartment has option to increase smarthome functionality very easily.
 Apartment house visualisation and control
We made easy interface and control to apartment house heating and ventilation systems. Now it is really easy to handle and get feedback for all important data, including energy consumption.
Humala vacation house
Smarthome is very good option for rental houses. Owner has ability to control heating and alarm system remotely. 
Meretuule vacation house
Another very nice installation with heating and alarm system for rental house. Owner has also information regarding sauna temperature and security camera.
Sinika 6 apartment house
Apartment house which is equipped with different smarthome functions as different customers liked. So you can find there lightning controls, multimedia, heating systems and also intercom.
Tartu mnt 56 apartment house
At high end apartments you can find it all - Full package. Smarthome system controls heating, lights, cooling, ventilation and curtains. Apartment owners have also overwiev about their monthly consumptions.
Tivoli apartment houses
In every apartment at Tivoli you can find our smarthome system. It controls heating, ventilation, cooling. Every apartment is easily upgradable to high end smarthome and many customers have already done it by including lights control, multimedia and curtains.