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14,99 €
New Smart Outdoor Camera with a built-in 105 dB siren.
Manual Siren: Trigger the alarm from your app to scare an intruder and
warn neighbours and police.
Prevent burglaries with your Smart Outdoor Camera and its built-in siren. When
a person or vehicle enters your property, you will immediately receive an alert
and a video on your smartphone. Is it an intruder? Deter them by triggering the
siren and its deafening 105-dB alarm directly from your app.
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349,99 €
SKU: FGS-214 ,   Qty: 14
59,90 €
SKU: FGS-224 ,   Qty: 8
59,90 €
Nutikat LED-RGB Wi-Fi riba SONOFF L1 5M, 24W, 300 lm / m, 230 VAC, IP65 riba saab hallata rakenduse, puldi, häälejuhtimise abil. Komplekt sisaldab LED-riba, kontrollerit, puldit ja toiteallikat.
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39,99 €
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516,00 €