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Tasmota püsivara paigaldus 1 Sonoff seadmele.

Tootekood: 4711174721836
3,00 €

NB! peale püsivara vahetust ei ole võimalik kasutada seadet Sonoffi ametliku eWelink äpiga.



The following features are available:
  • Multiple devices can be addressed by MQTT GroupTopic
  • Firmware upload by OTA or via web page upload
  • Expanded Status messages
  • UDP syslog messages can be filtered on program name starting with ESP-
  • The button can send a different MQTT message defined with ButtonTopic
  • Initial Wifi setup by user_config.h, Serial, Smartconfig, Wifi manager or WPS config
  • A web server provides control of Sonoff and contains a firmware upload facility
  • Support for DHTxx, AM2301 or DS18B20 temperature sensors as used in Sonoff TH10/TH16
  • Support for I2C sensors BH1750, BME280, BMP280, HTU21, SI70xx, LM75AD and SHT1x
  • Telemetry data can be sent using optional different prefix from status messages
  • Native Domoticz MQTT support
  • Easy integration in home automation solutions like openHAB, HomeAssistant, ...
  • Wemo and Hue emulation for Amazon Echo (Alexa) support
  • KNX IP Protocol support for communication to KNX Networks and also device to device