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Double Sengled Flex HORN bulb holder for FLEX

Артикул: C02-BR30EAE27-3374
Единица: комплект
Кол-во: 1
62,94 €
104,90 €
Sengled Flex HORN bulb holder for FLEX
  • Innovative complement to the elegant Sengled Flex design language
  • Brushed aluminium in the noble variants Silver or champagne
  • Single or double luminaires for individual interior design
Sengled Flex Horn is the custom-made bulb holder for your Sengled Flex. Quality workmanship and unique design harmoniously blend into your home environment. The noble colour variants silver, champagne and white are available as single and double luminaires.
Technical data:
Colour: white
Dimensions: 160mm (height) x 70mm (diameter)
Lamp base: E27, E26 or B22
Model: double luminaire