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Sengled single Pulse ONION bulb holder for PULSE (Master & Satellite)

Артикул: C01-BR30EAE27-3375
Единица: штук
Кол-во: 1
29,94 €
49,90 €
Sengled Pulse ONION bulb holder for PULSE (Master & Satellite)
• Modern and functional – the elegant and custom-made complement to Sengled‘s smart bulbs
• Single or double luminaires for an individual interior design
• Adjustable height
Sengled Pulse Onion provides a perfectly shaped home to your Sengled Pulse. The minimalistic, elegant lines put your living environment in the spotlight. Both single and double luminaires are adjustable in height and therefore individually usable.
Technical data
Colour: sheer plastic
Dimensions: 213mm (height) x 230mm (diameter)
Cable: length adjustable, max. ca. 160cm
Lamp base: E27, E26 or B22
Model: single luminaire